Baklava Matcha Latte

It’s as delicious as you think. Orange blossom, cinnamon & honey infused simple syrup by Transcendence Coffee paired with our Kyoto Matcha makes for an out-of-this-world latte that we cannot stop drinking.

Baklava Matcha Latte

Baklava Matcha Latte

The Dona Team, Recipes & Innovation


1 tbsp of Algerian Baklava Syrup by Transcendence Coffee

8 oz of milk

2 grams Kyoto Matcha

2.5 oz hot water (170F)


Make the matcha. Scoop 2 grams of Kyoto Matcha in a tea bowl. Add hot water and whisk until bubbly & frothy. 

Make the latte. Combine matcha, milk and syrup. Heat or ice.

Baklava Matcha Latte